First Aid Failed.

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Re: First Aid Failed.

Tom_N wrote:

I don't know whether Samsung was too lazy to write a Mac version of "Magician"

They are too lazy to.

I had to update the firmware on my 840 EVO, and while they had a downloadable Mac fix for it on their website, the way this “Mac” fix worked was: Use a third-party method to create a bootable CD or USB stick and put the fix software on it, and reboot into it. It rebooted into MS-DOS or some form of Unix, I can’t remember. Anyway, you used the command line to run the utility. So Mac-like!

Samsung only got away with that because Macs use Intel CPUs and could therefore boot up that way. When we move to Apple Silicon I wonder if Samsung will ever bother to let us fix their drives on Macs again.

Back to on topic, when a Time Machine backup fails built-in verification, I have usually had success fixing them with hdutil (or was it diskutil) or DiskWarrior. I have kept DiskWarrior updated all these years (not cheap) but it is increasingly difficult to justify the cost because on new Macs booting into APFS, DiskWarrior can’t do everything it once could. This is supposedly because Apple has not provided enough documentation for APFS.

DiskWarrior can still help with current Time Machine volumes because they are still based on HFS+. But I have read that starting in Big Sur, Time Machine will be able to use APFS for faster and more compact/efficient backups. That might mean the only tools that will work on them would be Apple’s own.

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