Achieving the best shallow DOF/bokeh with the biggest field of view. Transforming a 30mm into a 70mm

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Is it possible to replicate 85mm, 1.4, bokeh on a 1" sensor camera?

Massao wrote:

flip 21 wrote:

Hello guys

I'm figuring out ways of increasing the field of view of the bokeh area.

Search "speed booster" adapters online.

One of my favorite Samsung lens is the 30mm. I noticed that when the subject is close to the lens, the bockeh increases a lot, but there isn't too much of the subject in frame for my taste :(, just an eye, or parts of the face...

So how can you increase the field of view, with the same bokeh that I like?

Get a much faster lens with shorter focal length but since they don't exist in NX lens line'll have to adapt other lenses and focus manually OR get a speed booster

I want to understand it because I was thinking about buying the Sony Zv1, but the sensor is so tiny, that It might achieve a good bokeh/shallow DOF only when I'm really closed to the subject, such as in Product Show mode, where small objects are in frame, but the bokeh is tremendous..

Sensor size does not affect DOF like that.

Now some questions, I know that the zoom lenses produce better bockeh, such as the 50-150mm f2.8,

Incorrect. Zoom lenses don't produce better bokeh. A fast(er) lens with larger focal length produces better bokeh (more out-of-focus background).

When you get the subject more close to the lens, what makes the bokeh bigger?

The distance. Smaller the distance between lens and subject, the shallower the DOF is.

What is the best way to increase the field of view, with such a fantastic bokeh/shallow DOF, such as an 85mm f1.4? Is it:

- Adding a wide lens adapter,

Yes, but image quality usually degrades with most, if not all wide-angle adapters... particularly on corners. I have two of the best, nikon WC-E67x and nikon WC-E68X. I use them when I need a wider field of view for videos or landscape photography at night. For general use, they are fine but for work that requires corner to corner sharpness, they are useless. The cheaper ones with generic brands on Ebay aren't even worth a penny.

-Using extension tubes?

No. That would turn the lens to macro lens. Making DOF even more shallower.

Thanks MAssao... You guys are great always here to help

Anyway, I print screen this frame from a video about the Sony Zv1. As you can see, at 70mm, the lens will have a F.2.8 aperture. The bokeh is great but, the subject is very close to the lens. So there is not much of the subject in frame to see I guess in this case if he had an wide lens adapter he might be getting the same kind of bokeh but a wider auto of focus area, right? I don't care much about soft corners, because It is out of focus anyway (I want to center the subject)... I want to buy the Zv1, because it is very compact, and has a selfie LCD, but I'm afraid 1" isn't good for Shallow Depth Of field type of footage. I can get a great bokeh with my samyang 85mm on the Nx1. I want to try replicating it on a 1" sensor camera, if it is possible. Otherwise I will buy the Lumix G100...

Now I'm gonna search for "speed booster" adapters...

Again thanks

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