Lightroom Freezes in New PC Build

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Re: Lightroom Freezes in New PC Build

I am assuming 3990x is not a typo and this is a 64 core CPU mated for some reason to an nVidia 1650. I don't get that. I wouldn't understand mating a 3900x to that GPU either but to each her own.

Being Ryzen based and experiencing crashes in my sad experience means that the inevitable thing to check is that your motherboard is capable of running your RAM at the speed for which it is set. Sadly the motherboard "approved" list of RAM is not always reliable nor is RAM advertised as being AMD compatible. I am assuming Threadripper is as vulnerable to RAM mismatches as "ordinary" Ryzen which is very, very vulnerable.

There are also the usual Adobe based causes for random crashes that are not platform specific but may be specific to the software environment of a particular computer. Good luck with those. All Adobe ever recommends is resetting preferences and turning off or down GPU "acceleration."

Another issue is that you may need to manually restrict the number of cores or identify the cores that you want used in that Threadripper which is massive overkill for anything Adobe other than Premiere and even Premiere can't use all the cores in a 3990x. Lightroom generally uses less than 4 cores. Core count would not be an issue for a 3900x.

If Threadripper chipsets are subject to the same frequent BIOS updates as Ryzen check you have the latest as well as the latest AMD drivers posted on the AMD website to see if that improves stability. Ryzen Master software seems the most reliable to check temperatures and the Infinity Fabric speed. I assume that holds for Threadripper and that you have appropriate CPU cooling.

If you update the BIOS generally the RAM timings go back to 2133. You can gradually bump up the RAM clock until instability ensues, generally that is south of its rated speed to see if that is the problem. Or manually ratchet down your current clocks to see if that stabilizes the machine.

The importance of RAM clocks for CPU throughput in current Ryzen is vastly overstated with little difference for clocks +/- 3000 and no significant or consistent gain beyond 3200. But RAM timings and clock speeds are more of an issue because of the number of chiplets in a 3990x so if your RAM is the problem you might have to update to optimize throughput and stability.

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