Achieving the best shallow DOF/bokeh with the biggest field of view. Transforming a 30mm into a 70mm

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Re: Achieving the best shallow DOF/bokeh

flip 21 wrote:

Hi, thanks a lot Kypfer for your great and extensive explanation

"However, the aperture will need to increase to f/1.2 to be able to replicate the depth of field achievable with an 85mm f/1.4 on a full-frame camera!"

So when you use an wide lens adapter you will loose a little bit of Shallow DOF/Bokeh? Is that it? Or you maintain the same bokeh, before using the wide lens adapter, at the same distance from the subject, but with a wider field of view (that's my objective)?

Is there any good cheap wide lens adapter for the NX1, out there, that you recomend?


I've little or no experience with "wide lens adaptors", and certainly not on wide aperture lenses, so I can't comment, sorry.

With optics there's rarely such a thing as "good cheap", unless you get very lucky second-hand, and I'd not even consider the concept of a "wide lens adaptor" on a reasonably high-end camera like the NX1.

I bought my NX5 to give me access to my small collection of Russian rangefinder lenses, via an adaptor. I've subsequently accumulated over a dozen different mount adaptors (and a drawer-full of assorted mount lenses) which I use as and when the mood takes me and I'm looking for a "slightly different" rendering. My Jupiter-9 85mm f/2 was one of the lenses I really missed using once I'd moved to "totally digital", so for that alone the NX5 was worth the price, but I'll admit to a small arsenal of Pentax DSLR's and associated lenses as my main photographic tools

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