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Mczar2u wrote:

inti4444 wrote:

JERRY I KNOW ,but its international and people can google translate.

Yes, you are right, but that would ask for many readers to translate each post, rather then the OP taking an extra step to translate it

Ja, Sie haben Recht, aber das würde viele Leser bitten, jeden Beitrag zu übersetzen, anstatt dass das O/)P einen zusätzlichen Sc/hritt unternimmt, um ihn zu übersetzen ( From Google Translate, guessing is German)


Look... the vast majority of the people on this forum are conversant in English... far fewer in other languages. That’s as a good reason as any as to why virtually all of the articles and posts here are written in that language. As the OP, you are equally able to use Google Translate to convert your post to English if necessary. Again, I have no issue with including phrases in other languages, and have been known to do that myself at times. However, forcing the majority of forum members to have to translate a string of posts to one or more languages doesn’t make a lot of sense to me either.

This is why most websites (with or without discussion) tend to gravitate to one language. Just reading this site and multiple forums should make it pretty obvious that English is by far the predominant language for posting on DPR. I’d really rather not spend a lot of time debating this point, as this has been the standard on this forum since I started posting here many years ago. If you wish to post in a different language, by all means do so. However, my request would be to at least include an English translation as part of the post. It doesn’t really matter which version comes first, for better or worse, it should be pretty obvious from reading posts in virtually all forums and articles here that English remains the predominant language for DPR Forums.

Let’s move on as this discussion is way OT for this thread.

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