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Re: RF 85mm 1.2 - Focusing Speed

Blownvette wrote:

I have done numerous Google Searching and I cannot find any that gives me the answer I'm looking for. I have had a few versions of the 85mm lens as I use it quite often important lens for me. The previous versions I have owned were Canon 85 1.8, the original Sigma 85 1.4, the Sigma 85 1.4 ART and right now I have the Canon 85 1.4L IS.

I recently bought the new R5 and it is a wonderful camera...especially the AF system which seems to nail focus on all of my lenses. (so using the Canon 85 1.4L with the EF-RF converter)

So my question is this. Many of my portraits are of Athletes/Dancers and they are moving quite abit...and I also shoot for a drag racing magazine and the cars are coming at extreme rates of speed so a fast AF is a must. I have NO complaints with the current Canon EF 85mm (so this may be a bit of a potential emotional purchase) that said how fast does the new RF 85mm 1.2 focus in comparison to the current EF 85mm 1.4? I know it is moving more glass so typically the lager the aperture the slower the lens will focus. .

All of that said, does anyone know how FAST the AF speed is compared to other Canon EF lenses. Thanks. Below are a few samples of what I have shot with the 85mm on either a Canon 5DIV or a the new R5.

Might also ask in the R forum. Wish I could help more than that

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