Need to add text commentary to JPEGs?

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Re: Need to add text commentary to JPEGs?

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Yeah, I was thinking about PowerPoint but surely somebody has invented an application to solve this problem.

Yes, Microsoft.

You copy and paste an image into PowerPoint and add your text anywhere on the image, or off to the side of an image in an area reserved for text, add arrows, numbering, whatever you want. You can leave all images as a single document, or split them and save them separately.

I do it often. It's very simple.

And you end up with a Power Point file, not a JPEG file.

It can be exported as a png or jpg.

Most anything can, but that is a long and lossy way to do it. The export to Power Point is a reduced file to start with. And saving it back to JPEG incurs more loss.

There are direct ways to keep it all in JPEG which is a clean and lossless way. The best way I have found is to use a moderate photo editor like ACDSee Photo Studio 2020 like I do. Just add a border to the JPEG image and put the text message in the border. Some photo editors call this expanding the canvas which is the same thing.


I was correcting your statement that you ended up with only a Power Point file. It's a very simple, fast and easy way to incorporate text with a photo - copy/paste or insert or drag into a blank slide and then drag to resize if desired. The lossy aspect can be a plus when used for simple documentation needs in business when a commonly available program is needed with a resulting relatively small file.

There are many ways to accomplish what the OP needs as witnessed by the various suggestions in this thread. I personally would use Photoshop if I wanted a lossless high resolution file as that is one of the photo editing programs I have.


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