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Re: Bonsoir Jerry

David Lal wrote:

Jerry-astro wrote:

David, it is an international forum


For better or worse (as is clear from simply scanning the forum), English is the de facto language used when posting here.

[Good evening Jerry]

Vous avez vous peutêtre qu'il y a des annonces maintenant des dans DPR en Français? Oui, c'est vrai je viens d'avoir vu cela dans un des forums Nikon. Comment l'expliquez vous?

Le lien Internet était vers un produit comme celui ci:


[You have seen perhaps that in DPR there are now advertisements in French. Yes, it's true I have just seen that in one of the Nikon forums. How do you explain that?

The link was for a product like this:



Maybe, after all, English is not the de facto forum language?

Bonjour mon ami.  There is a big difference between advertising in French or other language and holding dialogs in a forum written in that or other non-English language.  Many posters choose to include quotes in a variety of languages, almost always accompanied by a translation.  That's great and it then covers a much broader base of readers.  You only need to parse a few forums to see that 98% or so of the posts (my estimate) are in English (or at least translated).  Given the predominance of English speaking forum members, it would seem to be as much a matter of promoting clear communications as anything else.

I understand your concerns, however I might suggest that debating this is likely to get us nowhere since clearly we see this differently.  Feel free to directly contact DPR staff if you have further issues.

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