With new deals - EM1X or EMIII

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Re: With new deals - EM1X or EMIII

James Stirling wrote:

Stephane SHG wrote:

MEDISN wrote:

For people in say gatherings like boardrooms, weddings, conferences I found the EM1mkII after FW 3.0 to yield a keeper rate of 85-90%. The EM1mkIII is now up around A9 level of accuracy (95%+). The EM1X is somewhere in between (90-95%) depending on the lenses used. None of them are bad per se but there are noticeable enhancements to how quickly the mkIII picks up and sticks to faces even during fast burst shooting. It also doesn't get fooled as easily by hats, hair and head scarves like the Sony's do.

That would help me tremendously.. Do you think the Em1mk III can grab that surfer face at that distance ? This is shot with the 45mm (and Em1 mk 2) to give you an idea of the distance :

At that kind of distance you could get a whale within the DOF with a 45mm lens so does face detect matter in this kind of scenario. I appreciate for people shooting in more normal situations that face detect is of course fare more useful

He might seem really far but this is obviously the first frame of the sequence. In only 2 secondes he's already literally on me... Also keep in mind that I swim with my housing trying to keep the focus point on him. Face detect would help. With a 45mm, even @ f/5.6, with a fast moving subject ( coming at you) you'll get ton of misfocuses pictures.

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