Shutter button not firing on the R5. (intermittent)

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Re: I have this issue, WITH Canon lenses

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I say intermittent, but this only happened once so far. But this was only my 2nd outing with the camera. I had been shooting with the R5 and a Tamron 150-600 G2, all was fine and I had shot maybe a 100 photos. Then I went to take a photo and the shutter would not fire. I can't recall what I tried next, (I think I may have just switched AF and IS off and on, on the lens) but then whatever I did caused the IS or AF in the lens to start acting up on it's own. So I quickly turned off the camera, waited a few seconds and was fine for the rest of the day. It was a wet day, but wasn't raining any more, but I did brush up against some leaves a bit earlier and a few droplets landed on the camera and lens, which I wiped off. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. But I do recall shooting a waterfall (with mist) many years ago with my Canon 40d and following that I started having intermittent shutter problems where it wouldn't fire every now and then. Reminded me immediately of this. I had to have that shutter replaced with Canon. I don't even know if that waterfall caused my shutter problem with the 40d, could have been a coincidence. And both this camera and lens should be able to handle a few droplets of water on them.

Hopefully it won't happen again, but just putting it out there in case it happens to anyone else.

I've had this issue two or three times with the R5, and I'm using Canon lenses (RF 70-200 and RF 100-500). It is very intermittent, but this last time (about 10 minutes ago, which caused me to find this thread), it cost me some shots. I'm using BBAF, AI Servo, and I have release priority (although that setting only applies to One Shot, anyway). The first time this happened, I wrote it off, thinking I didn't press the shutter button correctly. This past time, I had just switched from the 100-500 to 70-200, while the camera was off. I turned on the camera, it was on for a few seconds, pressed and held my assigned AF button to get the subject in focus, then tried hitting my shutter button...which did nothing. I tried hitting it harder, and it did nothing. I released and tried again a second later, and it finally started firing. I turned off the camera and tried duplicating the issue, but it fired normally.

Hi Brand New,

Out of interest, did you have the display screen on and tap to focus enabled?

(If you deliberately/ inadvertently tap the screen to focus it will focus with One-Shot AF, regardless of AF settings and if focus can’t be achieved in this mode shooting cannot take place).

Just a thought, not saying this is what happened.


Hi Phil -- no, I actually have the touchscreen tap to focus locked out/disabled, because I don't need it and early on, I was accidentally touching the screen and focusing when I didn't want to. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

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