Purchasing a R6 and very confused about cards and lenses

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Re: Purchasing a R6 and very confused about cards and lenses

Jx9 wrote:

I only skimmed through this so it might've been mentioned, but my 128GB Sandisk Extreme Pro UHS-I handles 4K60 CLog no problem in my quick test. Ignore the Canon minimum specs. They're $40 each. The microsd non pro version is $25. Same write speed. So $50 for all of your card needs. Forever. Quite the contrast to the R5. Yikes.

I believe Canon says cards like the San Disk can support the lower bitrate 4k60 modes but not the C-Log bitrate or HDR PQ mode. Again... for the OP's uses, that might be fine, but I would never suggest someone buy something and hope it works. Now, if they have that card already and simply prefer to try it out, sure no harm in that. But when people are looking to buy a card, I'd suggest they follow what the manufacturer says.

Also... the V60 approved cards can be cheaper than the similar speed U3 San Disks. For example the 128GB San Disk is $40, but the V60 Lexar I posted is $35 for 128GB. No reason to buy and hope when the approved card type is cheaper.

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