Meike MD-D18 died?

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Re: Meike MD-D18 died?

dperez wrote:

I'm not kidding... I don't understand it, but...

A couple days ago I needed to do some macro. Which meant pulling the grip off the D850 so it would be as stable as possible on the tripod.

Shot the images, pulled the memory card, loaded it onto the computer. Went back, shot some more images. Forgot to put the XQD card back, so they got recorded on the SD. Changed body battery a couple times. Pulled the SD card and read that into the computer.

No memory cards in the camera...

Yesterday morning I called Nikon and described what was happening, and the person thought it would have to come in for evaluation...

BUT, as I've hopefully mentioned before, when I HAD the grip on the camera, even with the camera off, the green LED on the back would blink. So, I went out and started looking for info on the 850 blinking when off.

Found a topic somewhere about the blinking problem and the things people have done to try to get D850s to work again once this happens. Mostly, they went into Nikon and some had the "Image Control PCB" replaced...

BUT, buried in all the other stuff was a little piece about memory cards. So, with no memory cards in the camera, I screwed the grip back on, put a battery in, and NO blinking. Turned it on, checked battery info, and voila, THERE'S A BATTERY...

Put in the SD card, formatted it, and there's STILL a battery. Put in the XQD card, formatted it, and there's STILL a battery. Put camera in continuous High, and there's 9 fps. Been worked perfectly since...

I have NO idea, what ANY of this would have to do with memory card, or phase of the moon, or whatever, but it's working and I didn't have to send it to Nikon. Don't know why, don't care!

Great.  Meike makes good grips so I found it difficult to believe you'd run into two defective ones.

Chalk it up to a glitch in the system.

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