A7II in 2020, Is It bad?

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Re: A7II in 2020, Is It bad?

I am using two of these babies since 2016 both with Sigma mc-11 adapters and my Canon EF lenses! Even with these lenses I find the AF more than adequate and very much usable in more than 99% of what I use it for...

ISO performance is more than okay right up to 3200! It of course all depends on what you eventually do with your pictures, i.e. do you busy yourself pixel peeping all day every day(like most on here it seems!), do you print gigantic wall size prints...?

If you are a normal person, like, and you use some for normal sized prints, send a bunch to your friends and family, even sell a few now and then to a magazine or other digital/ printed publication, then do not fall for the GAS-men's talk/ rubbish...

Use your brain and try not to catch the terrible GAS syndrome! Do not listen to those among here who talk the talk but cannot walk the walk!

Buy an a7ii and go out and shoot pictures and enjoy your hobby!

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