Building System – D7500 + 70-300 AF-P + ??????

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Re: Building System – D7500 + 70-300 AF-P + ??????

I missed your first post - so a couple of things:

you know that the D7500 ( unlike the d7200 ) won't meter with non-cpu lenses such as most of the MF ai/a-s. Probably not an issue since you seem to be looking at af-s/af-p lenses. It does still have a screw drive for those AF older lens types however.


- I've used them a lot but in my experience their warranty is dubious. I had a run in with them over a PL 100-400 and months later resorted to a Paypal claim which got me my money back. In the UK Panamoz gives a 3 year UK based warranty as does Hdew but the latter don't sell grey Nikons any longer. The d7500 is £710 at Panamoz. Part of the difference is supporting a warranty service.

Apart from that, e-infinity is the best box shifter ex HK. e-global and the rest are dire in my experience. When I buy from e-infinity now, I just assume that I will have to get stuff repaired elsewhere if it fails.

cheers and enjoy your d7500


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