Why did cameras change from being metal to plastic construction?

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Re: Why did cameras change from being metal to plastic construction?

Camley wrote:

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Early cameras, as far as I can tell, used to be made of metal, but at some point, we switched to using plastic materials. However, most people think that metal is the superior material to be building cameras with (notice what happens when a manufacturer switches to plastic lens mounts), so why switch to plastic at all? Is it due to the increased scarcity of metals due to depletion of the natural resource, or due to extreme cost cutting at the expense of the consumer, or some other reason?

Lighter and cheaper. Plastic lens mounts are a step too far.

I used to think the same. Not so sure any more. My rather good (as far as kit lenses go) Panasonic 14-42/3.5-5.6 has a plastic mount. I even prefer the feel of plastic against metal as I mount it. I suppose it could wear faster than metal but it's still tight after attaching and detaching hundreds of times. Not sure it's replaceable but maybe still better to damage that 125€ lens than the mount on the body or even the body itself in an accident. OTOH I'd probably still feel more confident with a metal mount on an expensive lens whether or not it makes any sense.

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