A9II vs A7R4 for Bird photography

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Re: A9II vs A7R4 for Bird photography

It really boils down to YOU. WE can't and shouldn't attempt to steer you one way or another. They are both fine cameras. Just remember there's no such thing as a free lunch. Your offsetting resolution for speed.

I had a A7RIII but sold it and bought the A9. I felt that quite often I'd be able to do more cropping with the A7RIII but then need to apply more NR and the end result didn't look that much different.

I think we have been programmed to think more megapixels are better and in some cases that is true but there are compromises.

This is a large investment and you may want to consider renting both cameras and that lens to test out ahead of time.

A few other comments:

  • With the A9 you can shoot above 1/8000 of a sec without any perceivable distortion using the electronic shutter. To this day, there is no other camera on the market that can do this and yes, I do use that fast of a shutter speed for capturing small birds-in-flight.
  • If you shoot video, the A9's (both of them) do not offer SLOG to protect highlights when filming outdoors. Why they've never put this feature on the A9's is beyond me.
  • When I had the A7RIII I used it for some specialized projects requiring HUGE signage. It was a fun camera to use and if you do something like that or crop the hell out of your images, I'm sure the A7RIV will be a good choice. You will fill up hard drives faster with that resolution however and processing images will take longer too.
  • I rarely use 20fps with the A9. It takes a long time going through a lot of images once you have taken them and unless it's a really fast bird, they all look the same. I use 20fps sparingly. (Most of the time, I'm at 10 fps.)

And then there's the A7SIII. I just bought one for nature video work and the camera is incredible and the 12MP stills look really nice.

I've been around DSLR's for a long time and I remember drooling over the Canon 1DS when it was announced with its astounding 11 megapixel sensor. I took a lot of fine pics with that camera.

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