Scaning larger artwork on smaller format scanner

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Re: Scaning larger artwork on smaller format scanner

Fazal Majid wrote:

Yes, that’s the problem with old scanners. Back when I had my Nikon Coolscan 9000ED I had a dedicated first-gen MacBook Pro running Windows XP (because Nikon Scan with Digital ICE 4 Pro support was unsupported on newer versions, and too unstable on OS X) for it, because of the FireWire 400 interface.

Some of my scans with darker colors have a color shift on the edges. Dark gray, or black becomes green or blue. These things are not impossible, but pain in the ass to correct when I had to scan over 150 artworks. I tried to auto correct it with the scanning software, but it's still not good enough.

I decided to capture my artwork with my SL2. Although 3x less resolution even shot in Multishot mode, I found it provides even colors and overall better, quality than scanner. Also, I have more controls with the lighting. I'll only be limited with the print size, but for what I'm going to use mostly, it's enough.

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