Good alternative grip for ROS RP

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Re: Good alternative grip for ROS RP

iazybandit wrote:

Jack Calypso wrote:

I recently ordered one like in the second link, from AliExpress for about US$11. I need a plate with the anti-twist pins, and this should tide me over while I wait to see what ProMedia Gear comes out with.

Considering the RP has been out for a while now, I think PMG would have one already. If they haven't released one yet, I don't think they will. Late to the game as everyone would have bought the Canon version or other third party. As a business and to capitalize the market/sales, you need to have the product immediately or the demand will die down.

Well, if they don't, they don't, but I am hopeful. I have one of their L-brackets on my 80D. I love the modular design, and how the PLX-3T upright part is offset forward, for full movement of the screen.

I'm really not concerned that much about the 'Grip" aspect, but more for a secure attachment for the QR plate. PMG does offer the PBX3 "Universal" plate for their system which would be Okay, although it lacks the anti-twist pins. A grip-style plate would indeed be nice, but I would be fine with the usual kind that don't cover the battery door.

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