Timelapse+ View vs LRTimelapse Pro Timer 2.5

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Re: Timelapse+ View vs LRTimelapse Pro Timer 2.5

ernest56 wrote:

Ollie 2 wrote:

2 fairly different beasts that can perform similar functions (as far as I can ascertain).

Both costly. The Timelapse +View will change the camera settings for you for a day to night timelapse whereas as the LRTimelaspe Pro will only fire the shutter. The advantage of the LRTimelapse pro is that it can fire at .5 second interval or one can set interval between whole seconds.

Im looking for an external intervalometer that will allow an XT2 to have settings changed while shooting a time-lapse sequence. The internal IV prevents the user from changing settings in camera while shooting and Im hoping to shoot day to night.

Anyone have any experience with these or another intervalometer that will allow an XT2 to do this?


Yes and I use an XT2.

I had a similar question a few months or so ago.

I was looking to do a day-to-night timelapse and needed to see the exposure guide on the LCD screen.

Using the external intervalometer I was able to see all the settings displayed via the LCD screen between shots and I was able to adjust shutter, ISO or aperture between each shot. My external interval was set to 7 seconds allowing time to make the necessary changes to my settings.

I purchased the Vello ShutterBoss II timer remote for Canon with sub mini connection when it was on-sale. The X-T2 is NOT supported by the Canon model but it is currently working with my X-T2 plugged into the sub mini port on my camera. The sub mini connection is supported on the X-T3. The ShutterBoss II does have a Fuji micro usb connection model for the XT2.

NOTE: I have read discussions on this forum that mentioned that the sub mini connection on the X-T2 stopped working and would only focus camera. I have not encountered that issue. My X-T2 settings: the shutter button on my X-T2 does not focus I removed this option and assigned focus to the AF-L button.

The sub mini used with the Syrp Genie Mini II is also firing my X-T2 shutter. However, I also purchased the mico usb cable for the genie mini II just in case. I am planning on purchasing the X-T3 which is why I purchased sub mini cables . Bonus that the sub mini port is working on my X-T2. Note: X-T2 manual mentions remote cable connection sub mini jack.

Good luck.

Thanks for both responses.

Really appreciate you taking the time to respond so thoroughly. Ill look into the shutterboss as a more cost effective option but I must admit that the View sounds pretty appealing, though Id prefer to have manual control. I think I'll have a closer look at what user functionality the View offers.

Many thanks to all replies - very informative!

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