Purchasing a R6 and very confused about cards and lenses

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Re: Purchasing a R6 and very confused about cards and lenses

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I definitely will! Thanks again everyone 😊

Yes, the originally posted 300MB/s San Disk card is likely expensive overkill for you, but a UHS II card is still what I would suggest... just a more modest one. Look for a decent priced V60 UHS II card like this one, https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07NLWGKT4/?tag=05060701-20. Fast and moderately priced.

At 120Mb/s WRITE speed (not the meaningless 250Mb/s READ speed) it is only marginally faster than a Sandisk Extreme Pro 95Mb/s or 170Mb/s (which can write at around 90-95Mb/s), and it is a Lexar which seems to have had some issues since they sold out or moved to China from bits I have read. Not sure I would go that route.

The R6's best video maxes out on a V60 card's speed so there's not much need to go any higher. That's good news because V60 cards are still reasonably priced and offer good performance.

As for the 70-200, the EF's will be a bargain, but the RFs on Canon's factory refurbs may be an option. Especially, when they come in upward 30%+ off mixed with other deals or sales vouchers. The biggest problem with the factory refurb's is waiting for stock. But they come from Canon with a full warranty, and generally looking brand-spanking new in a special but boring box. I have had one of the four lenses I bought from Canon's refurb program that had a food finger print on the body. Again that is the exception and after a quick wipe down, the single print was gone and the lens was maculate otherwise.


Unfortunately, San Disk doesn't guarantee the 60MB/s write speed. While its generally good for 90 MB/s, the number it may drop below the required 60MB/s for demanding video. I have a a ton of that particular card and can say its good, but it doesn't meet Canon's suggested requirements. So I wouldn't tell someone to get a card that fails to meet the requirement. That's a personal decision that someone can make if they feel like pushing the limits.

As far as Lexar quality, I have a new card for my R5 and its blazing fast and seems reliable (but I don't use it a lot with the CFe slot available). Regardless, I'd still say any V60 UHS II will be fine, and there are lots to choose from at reasonable prices.

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