Good alternative grip for ROS RP

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Re: Good alternative grip for ROS RP: JJC

I got the JJC bracket grip for the RP and so far I've loved it.

It fits well, and has fine fit and finish. Some of the cool features:

  • It's an Arca compatible plate. So it just slides on the Arca clamp on the tripod or monopod.
  • The battery access door opens.
  • Has a second ¼-20 hole in the base (I use that to attach my shoulder sling)
  • Has a carabiner ring attachment that flips up for use. Only fits smaller biners though.
  • Has slots to thread in webbing for a hand sling, etc (2cm).

The tripod attachment arca slots and the ¼ hole are especially a big deal for me. The Canon plate requires one to attach via the thumb screw I think, which wouldn't be good.

The con of the JJC, if there it is one, is that where your pinky goes there's a bit less to press against, so if it's just a better handle this might not be as good. But for $36US....

Basically it's a bit of an RRS knockoff without a few bells and whistles, which one might not need.

I've gotten a few bits of JJC gear recently, including their EF to RF lens adapter. Both work as advertised and fit really well. No play. Sturdy materials. I'd recommend them.

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