Still not happy with the D850 AF

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Re: Still not happy with the D850 AF

Actually bent mounts can not be replaced easily but it depends on how bent it is and mounts can and do rip off the camera, I’ve seen it happen. The problem with a badly bent mount is that even after replacing it, there can be AF issues. You sometimes need to replace the entire front part of the camera or else the mount won’t sit perfectly aligned. I one set down 400mm f2.8 and Canon 1D Mark III, which bent both mounts and both were stuck together. I could not release the lens or body from each other. Sent it into Canon CPS in Irvine and luckily through a connection got both back and fixed in two days free of charge. That was extremely lucky and fortunately they both seemed to work properly after repair. However I’ve seen a D500 mount ripped the whole front of the camera off. A colleague was hit by a college running back and his 70-200mm ripped the entire front of the D500 off with it when it was hit. This can also happen from severe drops, however the most common problem is large heavy lenses over time ware out the mount and or bend the mount. Sometimes it’s the lens mount that gets bent others it’s the camera but both cause AF issues.

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