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Re: Cameraphones - suggestions please!

Andy Currie wrote:


I was in the market to buy a carry-around camera like the Fuji 100V but am now seriously considering a camera phone as an alternative.

I'm interested in taking and editing photos on the device and sharing with family and friends, as well as when traveling or visiting places.

Is there a genuine camera phone quality camera that I should be considering? - thanks for your advice.

I have used many flagship phones and if i have to buy phone right now:

1. Huawei P40 PRO / Pro PLUS - if You not scared about missing google services it's best choice. It's first phone, which really beat my RX0II - it has amazing high resolution mode to take landscape photos, great natual looking and soft photos. Really amazing night capabilities, especially indoor(here similar mate 30 pro photos ). You can check my daylight samples from P40 PRO PLUS here -

2. Oppo Find X2 PRO - very great universal camera, nice SOOC and IP68!

3. Xiaomi MI10 PRO - it's not perfect phone, but very solid main camera. Good in night, but with night mode turned on. Best results are with GCAM app, so you need to install this and use standard camera for night photos night mode and gcam in daylight. It doesn't have IP68. Zoom is not good like in Huawei

4. Google Pixel 5 - cheap, solid, ip68, 5g, but not have any zoom very sad. Alternative: VIVO X50 PRO +

5. iphone 11 - fantastic night 4k videos, overall solid camera

6. Oneplus 8 PRO

I rather wouldn't buy any Samsung - very poor SOOC

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