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Jeffry7 wrote:

I have tried to use focus peaking on the moon and have learned to take it with a grain of salt. But I don't really trust the magnified view much better.

If you are using manual focusing with an electronic lens, frequently the camera will keep the lens wide open for focusing, then close it down to the shooting aperture during the exposure.  This can cause problems.

The more complicated the lens design, the more unpredictable the focus becomes at that chosen shooting aperture, but electronic cameras don't care.

I've used manual lenses (no electronics) with manual focusing on Sigma and Fuji cameras. I focus at the shooting aperture. What I see is exactly what I get.

Caveat: some electronic cameras can be set up to manually focus at the actual chosen shooting aperture, using electronic lenses.  Sorry I don't have a list of these.  I believe the Fuji late models can do this but it is not described in the Fuji manuals.  I don't think Sigmas can do it.

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