Keep the 16 to 85mm...or sell it and get AF-P 10 to 20mm

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Re: Keep the 16 to 85mm...or sell it and get AF-P 10 to 20mm

Craftsman70 wrote:

embie wrote:

Personally I would NOT sell the 16-85 but buy "such a low prized lens" (AF-P 10-20) as an extra one.

Maybe you can also look to the preased and faster (!) Tamron 10-24mm F3.5-4.5 Di II VC HLD, just a suggestion that I'm also struggling with.



In my experience with landscape photography and wide angles, a fast lens isn't really an issue especially with the newer bodies with their great low light performance for most people. Of course, a case can be made to get a fast wide-angle lens but the use case would be a narrow one.

An additional use you can get from a fast wide angle zoom is for astrophotography if that is a possible interest. I got a used Tokina 11-20 f2.8 to try astro (moderate success so far). The larger aperture allows shutter speed to be kept down to get 'sharp' stars.

Every time I look at the AF-P 10-20 though I like the idea of it - so compact and lightweight.

Can the OP pick up a refurb or good used one?

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