Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

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Re: Need help choosing between Sony A6600 and A7III

Thanks everyone for your valuable inputs. I finally bought a used (4 Month old) Sony A6400 with the Sony 18-135 lens. The combination is quite compact but does not feel as light as I would have assumed (more to do with the expectations when you see the tiny form factor). Coming from a Nikon D7200, this feels like a toy. Will need to spend some time to get used to it. I also expect a steep learning curve specially with all the options to customize and the numerous focus modes.

The battery, certainly, is a downer. Will have to order a spare one (along with a charger) right away. At this point of time, at most, I plan to get a Samyang/Rokinon 12mm f/2 manual focus lens, if I manage to find a used one. These 2 lenses should suffice until I get a hang of things.

Thanks for all the feedback and helping me make an informed decision.

PS: I really wanted to get the Sony A6600 + Sony 18-135 Lens. However there are practically none available in the used market. My current setup costed me under 60% of what the A6600+Lens would cost me. Also being just 4 months old, this gives me warranty coverage for another 20 odd months.

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