DOF- why do I only get a key-press preview?

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Re: DOF- why do I only get a key-press preview?

BigBrother70 wrote:

But this is what makes no sense- most of these explanations are technical reasons for why it's not possible or desirable. BUT, in Scn mode on the camera, it literally does it. You go to a setting called "Background Blur" and adjust it, and you hear the lens changing aperture and the display shows the resulting DOF- not temporarily, it just shows it. As mentioned in my original post, it probably is adjusting all the various exposure params to account for the change in light, as the final image it's showing has the same brightness. In other words, they give you this "user friendly" setting to adjust background blur. So the whole system is obviously completely capable of permanently displaying the DOF.

I do not have the M50, but I do have an M5 and its SCN mode seems to no such thing. It sets the aperture automatically, but that aperture only kicks in when you press the shutter; the focusing and composing are done wide open, for reasons everyone has described. You should look very carefully—I highly doubt the M50 is actually focusing stopped down; it’s may be just showing you DOF previews while you’re selecting SCN modes.

Incidentally, older Sony bodies do focus stopped down, which was causing all sorts of grief for Sony users with AF speed going down, AF-C not even working past f/8, etc., etc. You can search for “Sony a7 focus stopped down” to see the litany of complaints, including on DPR forums.

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