Still not happy with the D850 AF

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Re: Still not happy with the D850 AF

Yeah I had a D850 for awhile too, but I prefer my D5 bodies so sold it, not for what I do which is photojournalism! However my D850 worked flawlessly and no AF issues at all. I’d say it was about 85-90% as good as my D5’s AF performance but definitely not the same as claimed by Nikon. However I too am suspicious it’s the D850 itself, I’d bet it’s the heavy super tele lenses. If you mishandle those at all over the years you use them they can have a bent mount or cause a bent mount as well. So typically when you have AF issues like described it’s a bent mount. If it was every lens only on that one D850 it would be the camera. However since it’s only two or three lenses on the D850 and those are heavy lenses it’s very possible it’s a bent mount or mounts I should say. I can’t think of any other explanation for this weird behavior. Unless these are just old AF-I lenses there could be other issues, but if they are newer AF-S VR 200mm and 400mm VR lenses it’s probably the mounts. I would personally send in the lenses that are causing the issue and have the mounts replaced, or send them in along with the D850 and that might help too. Either way I believe they are fixable or repairable I should say. Replace the mounts, maybe other parts as well and calibrate them afterwards, all of which Nikon will do.

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