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danski0224 wrote:

Jeffry7 wrote:

It does seem like digital cameras have so concentrated on automated focusing that the tools to get good manual focus have been abandoned. I actually miss the split ring focus of my manual film cameras.

I have tried to use focus peaking on the moon and have learned to take it with a grain of salt. But I don't really trust the magnified view much better.

I looked at web page explaining the focus aides on one of the Fuji Rangefinders. I see there is a split focus mode like the old split rings on some focusing screens from the film days. Pretty cool.

Yeah, but the DSLR doesn't transmit as much light to the focusing screen compared to a film camera because some of the light is split off for the auto focus sensor.

Additionally, the majority of auto focus lenses are nearly impossible to focus manually due to the short focus throw.

I tried split focus screens in my Canon 5d, and it was an exercise in futility.

I can see better through the viewfinder of a Canon 1 series than the "lesser" models, so the viewfinder construction is different... plus the nose relief.

Sigma autofocus was at best unpredictable in the DSLR's I have tried.

The sdQ was a huge improvement.

Maybe this is why the lens makers are flirting with focus by wire. The one macro lens I have with this is a little unsettling to use manually as it seems to change sensitivity as I use it.

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