Any selling points of an R6 vs A7III?

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Re: Any selling points of an R6 vs A7III?

Tommy S wrote:

Mike2019 wrote:

Tommy S wrote:

Mike2019 wrote:

An A7iv will be announced in November or so, and an A7Rv in Q1 of 2021.

You might want to wait until then.

Maybe it will be, maybe not. I doubt Sony might be interested in introducing A7 mk4 now. Why?

  • A7c is already on the market.
  • A7R4 is almost a perfect camera.
  • A9II the same as A7R4

Moreover, A7mk4 might be between A7c and A7R4 as far as a price point. A6600 is not a big success because its price is too close to A7III. A6400 is more successful on the market.

Sony is not interested in pampering its customers. Too wide choice paralyzes decision making.

A7 mk4 will be cheaper than the A7R4, and will have a better low-light performance because of a sensor with fewer pixels, and hopefully will have new video formats, plus the latest color science from the A7Siii, and AF improvements.

Maybe it will have all those things, or maybe it is just a wishful thinking. I am afraid that AF improvement will endanger A9II. And it is hard to believe in debuting of A7mk4 in the near future (IMO)

Historically, a new A7 has been released every 2 years, and so it is time now.

Could be as early as November or so.

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