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Almost $400 for dedicated TTL flash and not even available?I’m sticking to manual flash, no choice anyway. I’m just scratching my head.

I had that flash. It was excellent with the sd Quattro. I sold it though, since camera with flash and Art lens ended up weighing a lot more than I wanted.

Also, not mentioned so far is that mirrorless still struggles to keep up with the nearly perfect autofocus found in the DSLR. Sigma has not done well with this in their DSLRs but high end Canon and Nikon DSLR offerings are almost impossibly good, and mirrorless generally can't quite match them for speed and precision.

DSLR autofocus uses the mirror and a dedicated autofocus sensor. When properly adjusted and calibrated, as it is in high end Canon and Nikon DSLRs, the lens is ready for the shot the very instant the shutter button is clicked. With a mirrorless, the sensor does the autofocus, and this seems to be a stumbling block.

People who shoot sports, or birds in flight, or other fast action seem to prefer DSLRs, even at this late date.

For the the benefit of the OP, I was going to post something pedantic about auto focus.

But I think this does a good job explaining the state of the art in mirrorless auto focus and the evolution from DSLR cameras. It is more entertaining to.

Thanks for the link. My G9 camera has DFD although I haven't found the need to use it yet, being more fond of magnified manual with focus peaking.

I'm so behind the times, that with AF I use only 1 fixed centre AF point in AF-S mode. I have never bothered to work out what all the other sophisticated and complicated modes are and what you use them for. 99% of camera debates now seem to be about whether other brands have caught up with Sony's eye detect or whatever it's called, but for me it plain old fashioned centre point only!

On manual focus, I absolutely love the dual side-by-side viewfinders in the X-T1. I use the big VF for composing and the little VF for manual focusing. I have it set to 3x mag and peaking. Works a treat and because it is always on, there is no need to mess about with pressing buttons to switch focusing aids on and off. The Fuji dual VF is the only practical MF aid for mirrorless that is completely seamless IMO. Every camera should have this option.

It does seem like digital cameras have so concentrated on automated focusing that the tools to get good manual focus have been abandoned. I actually miss the split ring focus of my manual film cameras.

I have tried to use focus peaking on the moon and have learned to take it with a grain of salt. But I don't really trust the magnified view much better.

I looked at web page explaining the focus aides on one of the Fuji Rangefinders. I see there is a split focus mode like the old split rings on some focusing screens from the film days. Pretty cool.

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