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Re: Sigma 18-35 1.8 via Fringer

Joaquim Gonsalves wrote:

Fuji Maine wrote:

Just thought I'd update since receiving the XT4 a few days ago. I've tried all my lenses on it but to be honest the 18-35 has been the lens attached to it 80% of the time. It's that good. When boosted the XT4 is an absolute monster and for video where I'll use this lens most, the face and eye detect AF is brilliant. I'm happy to report that the transition when using CAF is very smooth. If anything my 16 1.4 and its tendency to pulse actually maybe got worse as the better AF of the XT4 has made it a bit hyperactive. I have experienced none of that with the sigma 18-35. After further tests the 16 and especially the 35 1.4 continue to have the advantage over the zoom and it would be hard to say that the zoom is a prime replacement however I'm very confident that I'd feel the same way about the 16-55. For photos at least. For video this lens is hands down superior to either and obviously offers the advantage of zooming. Something I never thought I'd be able to do on the Fuji system has now become a reality with the XT4 and 18-35 combo. With face/eye detect on I can actually zoom smoothly through the whole zoom range with the AF adjusting and staying focused the entire time without any weird jumping. Now that's impressive. Worth noting that the 16-55 can likely do the same and with its linear focus motors I'd certainly expect it to be a little snappier than the Sigma. What I'd also expect is just like every other Fuji lens I've ever used the focus breathing is probably pretty bad. The 18-35 isn't completely free of breathing but it's a much less than any Fuji lens I've used. One of those things that isn't a big deal for photo people but definitely matters for video people.

So here's my final thoughts:

If you only have $500 to spend and already have the Fringer adapter, get the Sigma.

If you don't have the Fringer, the brick is on sale and doesn't cost much more than the adapter and the Sigma so I'd say get the Fuji.

If you do even 50/50 video to photos I'd say this is a must have lens.

If you are mostly a prime user and don't shoot video this lens isn't going to make you want to pack your primes away. That said, if you want to just carry one lens instead of the three primes this lens covers in range, you are going to get very very close to prime quality.

Personally I think even with the added benefits of the brick that I would have gotten less use out of it as there are just too may situations where I need something faster than an f2.8. YMMV

Here's a few more photos from the other day. Not too shabby for a zoom!

I'm really happy to see so many people talking highly about this combination. Back when I was with Canon on my 7Dii/80D the AF was just not reliable with the 1.8 Sigma Twins. Yes, I had that tank of a lens, the 50-100 too. I absolutely loved the images I got from these and to be honest, for APS-C they still are the best you can get for zooms to match FF level 2.8s. But the crappy AF accuracy in my experience and the overall weight was just too much for me. Speaking of focus breathing, the 50-100 has that a fair bit. So not the greatest for video. I ended up selling them a long time ago and I had bought them new.

I moved to Fuji, because the 80D didn't have two card slots, but I did like the IQ from that sensor. While I loved the 7Dii's incredible Auto Focus, I didn't like the noise from it for photos. Also, I wanted to reduce my overall weight. I still have my Sigma 17-50 and the brilliant Sigma 50-150 OS which was stunning on my Canons but alas, being such a rare lens to find, the guys at Fringer told me they can't really get one to workout the firmware support for it. So it's just a MF lens of I use it on my Fuji's. Personally, I've kept my zooms for video and the 17-50 is a great range albeit with a weak but accurate AF in the Fringer and Fujis.

I live in a region where the used market is appalling for camera gear due to a lack of something like KEH. To make it worse almost no one rents out Fuji X equipment. And now m wondering if I need to reconsider my zooms because the extra light would do me a solid for low light focusing on events for moments where I can get away with f1.8 for my subjects. Like I could have one body with the 18-35 and another with the 56 and that would be near perfect. And in case Canon releases an M5ii/M7/R7, I could consider going back with little loss as all my lenses apart from my f2 Fujis are Canon EF. I enjoy the Fujis, no doubt but for professional event work, the AF is really a pain to work with. Maybe because I'm still new to this system and my lenses currently are not faster than f2 save for the 56 that I have.

But I will continue to wait for now with my M5/XT2/XH1/XT3. I'll be skipping the X-T4 to see what the XH2 will be as I do shoot quite a bit of video too. Plus, I prefer the XH1 body style and te it also seems like Fuji need a new sensor design to finally match AF with Canon/Sony levels. Will wait for to see what comes next. Until then, I'll keep struggling to find buyers for my used gear. Been a tough year to sell old equipment here in UAE.

And of course what I currently have rid definitely capable but just not as good as my 80D/7Dii. Would love to see some advice or suggestions from you all with regards to getting better AF in low light with Fuji's and also I'll do my best to speak to event location organizers directly next time to ensure I have the right amount of ambient light while not affecting the mood overall that the clients need.

My 18-35/1.8 and 50-100/1.8 are spot on with regards to focus. I sold the Fuji 16-55/2.8 and 90/2 and have no regrets. I considered getting rid of the 56/1.2 as well but decided to keep it for the times when I want to travel as light as possible.

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