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She's a beauty!

Avian2016 wrote:

To cut a long story short, P950 would be a capable add-on tool to my enjoyable reflex combo.

P950 is almost the perfect birders tool, especially as a companion or even a replacement for binoculars.   You can start out at a wide angle, then zoom into the bird & quickly snap a pic, or two, or three, or more.  Then you'll have a permanent record of what you saw and if you can hold the camera steady, it'll be a good one.  Of course, if bird fever kicks in & the camera is shaking like you're in an earthquake, then maybe the pic won't be so good.  At least it was fun.  Best part of photo vs binocs is you can then share them with friends and re-live the adventure!

It has some serious caveats, but I will override or bypass them. One of them is that small buffer thing. I will simply use a single-shot mode and won't bother about it. Just hope Nikon will issue a firmware update.

I've given up on the buffer limitation & just shoot several single shots in rapid succession.  Most times, the first image is the clearest, but not always!  Nikon rarely issues firmware updates for their s-zooms that address something as significant as the buffer or ISO settings, so I wouldn't hold your breath on this one.

Here are a couple of images of the Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) female.

Northern Wheatear female in morning sun

Northern Wheatear female looking a bit puffed-up. It was a slightly chilly during the session.

Stay healthy!

Love your images of the she-wheatear .   Had to look her up, as we don't have any around here.  Lighting was excellent & lighting is everything, no matter sensor size.  I doubt anyone could've done better with any camera!

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