70-300 AFP FX vs 70-200mm 2.8 Fl

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Re: 70-300 AFP FX vs 70-200mm 2.8 Fl

mbecke wrote:

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

aaronkick111 wrote:

how do i do it on a phone?

No comment.

and that lens has been mentioned a few times. But i dont like overlapping lenses to much as already have 24-70mm f/4

If you try the 24-200 and like it you can sell the 24-70.

I would be more cautious. I don't like to buy lenses that I will (likely) later sell. I lose way too much money this way. Typically, when I sell a lens, I recoup 50% (or less) of what I originally paid, and that is if I am very lucky. This is not a particularly wise course of action from a financial perspective. More recently, I have taken to purchasing lenses and cameras only from retailers that have a reasonable (i.e., 30 day) return policy then promptly returning the lenses to the retailer if I am dissatisfied with the level of performance. However, I do not like to do that very often either as it creates a negative financial burden on the retailer. It has also meant that I no longer purchase from my local brick and mortar camera store. Not a good development. The best thing to do is to try to be as certain as possible about a purchase before proceeding. Really think it through. Your wallet will appreciate it. Be a little wary of posters that think that routinely purchasing and then selling camera equipment, at steep discounts, is beneficial to your financial well being.

Yh i tend not to want to buy with intention of selling for a loss.

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