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Hi all after some opinions

My younger sister is looking to get into kids and baby photography to go along with her face painting and kids parties business. She recently completed a diploma in photography

She is looking to buy her own camera as she was using my dad's old d300 for her course. She is deciding between the following and I would like to point her in the right direction

Option 1

Nikon d750 or d780. Benefit DSLR nikon so she can share gear with me and my dad plus she is used to using DSLR.

Option 2

Nikon z5 or z6. Again benefit of the nikon layout and access to equipment with ftz

Option 3

Sony a73

She hasn't used mirrorless before but has mentioned she likes the idea of seeing her exposure in the evf.

My go to reaction is nikon DSLR as a DSLR user or the z but is there significant risk with either the older tech or is there a greater risk with the z system which has less lenses and I don't know if there is the same support for it as dslr.

Sony I have never used but I have seen the huge support in terms of lenses and seems to be growing while nikon seems to be shrinking

Im bias as a nikon user and want to give her the best help i can. I also posted in the nikon fx forum. Any thoughts appreciated

I would go with the Z5 out of the options you gave. Sharing lenses with your sister will help her get off the ground with a smaller investment, and the face/eye AF should be good enough for her needs. I think the learning curve will be less on a mirrorless camera with all the new tracking and EVF live preview. The Z5 is cheaper than even an A7III, though native Z glass is very pricey. But adapting used DSLR lenses should also get that price down.

Sony offers better eye-AF and tracking for kids, but it would involve buying different glass and learning a new interface. I guess it depends on what she is looking to buy - if she can get by with say a few $300-600 Samyang primes or $900 28-75mm F2.8, then adapting glass isn't as big a deal. If she wants a whole suite of lenses it would prove problematic.

And tell your dad to keep his opinions to himself, unless he wants to volunteer as her photographer. She would be the one having to use the equipment, not him.

What you wrote was actually my inclination and thanks heaps I think the only thing putting me off telling her that was native Lens availability. I actually thought about doing that for myself as well to get a camera to go with my df (that or a d8xx series or d780)

I really appreciate the response I was thinking that as I have a number of afs lenses that would be compatable

Speaking at dad yeah I did at the time effectively saying that

I would just tell her to watch reviews and videos of each camera online, she shouldn't buy something just because anyone tells her to. She needs to figure out what is best to suit her needs in her set budget.

It is clear you are just looking for someone tell you Nikon is best. I would avoid adapting lenses though, as you always sacrifice AF performance, it costs more money for adapters, and adds more weight and length to every lens.

Not so much wanting that I guess she has considered adapting our lenses and I personally think that's the best idea but to be honest I'm worried about the z cameras in the long term if they are not selling.

I guess if it's a bad idea I need to be honest but yes I am completely bias as I have personally only ever gone for Nikon and fujifilm with mine and my wife's (even though she has claimed it) xpro 2 and previously an x100

I personally don't see a purpose for brand-loyalty. I am going to go for whatever provides the best performance, functionality, lens availability, features, for the best money.

As an investment, mirrorless will be worth more to resell in 5 years than DSLR glass for sure.

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