Those of you who upgraded to the R4..

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Re: Those of you who upgraded to the R4..

Andy873 wrote:

crashwins wrote:

Are you happy with it over the R3? I handled my friend's R4 the other day, and I was very pleased with the ergonomics and button layout/feedback: it felt like Sony finally got it right (I'd need a bottomplate, though). The back-button AF has that extra feedback...It'a nice.

That said, it's a lot of cash to upgrade from the R3 when I don't really need the MPs.

Yes exactly

I wonder about the color,

I feel it's better SOOC, but no concrete evidence

whether it's better or more refined, though I find the color good on the R3 too. What do you think?

The biggest reason I'm using R4 rather than R3 is because it can background upload to FTP, and you can do it with the press of a single button. On the R3 you have to go into this complicated menu, select photos confirm and wait for the progress bar to complete.

Also the EVF is just barely good enough I can sometimes manual focus without zooming in.

Also don't listen to the BS, the A7RIV does appear noisier at 100% and same ISO level but there's more megapixels so 100% is effectively more magnification. It also makes brighter images at the same ISO number. If you take everything into account, that means equal exposure at equal magnification, it looks pretty much the same.

Yeah, the improved connectivity is the main thing for me. Trying to upload with the r3 is frustrating. It's occasionally nice to have the added resolution of the r4 for cropping but that only really helps if you have perfect focus and stability.

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