Scaning larger artwork on smaller format scanner

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Re: Scaning larger artwork on smaller format scanner

Gesture wrote:

The largest "cheap" flatbed scanners are the Epson WorkForce all-in-ones with 11 x 17 scanning beds. I use it for smaller art work.

I would look into copying with a digital camera depending on what camera you have. You might get better fidelity if you can profile your camera, capture the art work with a grey card and color scale in the field, etc. The key is a evenly illuminated lighting. In the pre-digital era, we copied art work in this way with tungsten photo floods and tungsten balanced E-6 film.

I think you could use your existing scanner without closing the top of the scanner. Just back the field of scan with a thick black cardboard that holds down the art work without creasing it.

Good luck.

I have Leica SL2 and 4 B1X Profoto heads with all kinds of modifiers. I captured the artworks and inters of quality it turned good, but in terms of resolution the scanner beats it big time, so I decided to go with the scanner.

Well, closing it or not, the paper still bends at the edge. I'd rather have to raise the artwork with the additional piece of glass to even the level of the glass and the edge, but I don't know if that'd affect the image quality.

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