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I’d advise her to get a used Nikon DSLR and one used zoom. She can borrow lenses from the two of you, until she knows what works for her. Too many changes at once is never a good idea and going used Nikon DSLR is also a low investment for a quality kit.

Once her business and photographic skills are grounded in experience, then she can think again.

If she really does want mirrorless, then a used A9 and a zoom that focusses fast enough to keep up, would be the alternative.

Just to calibrate this - I’m a hobbyist only, don’t shoot moving people and would never again buy a DSLR.


So - you'd advise her to go into business doing baby/kid portraits *without* eye-AF. In 2020.

You surely cannot be serious??!

Depends on how much she wants to invest in a new and unproven business. If you think that EyeAF is the critical factor, fair enough.

You can't compete in business without current and appropriate tools.

Trying to make headway in a competitive arena with antiquated and less capable equipment (or skills) than is typical and expected in the current market is not a survival strategy.

I’m pretty sure the excellent professional photos of my grand daughters from ten years ago were taken with a DSLR.

Sure. No question that great pics can be -- and have (in the past) been taken despite all manner of equipment limitations. Excellent professional photos of people's grand daughters were taken in the 19th century too. That's not the point.

The point is if you are in business you are competing with other people, and they are likely using current tech - leveraging the capabilities that are available now, not the capabilities of ten years ago.

The rate of keepers plus the time it takes to get the desired results with moving kids using Eye-AF is quite a bit different from what you would expect with a dSLR. If you're in business (and especially if you want to stay in business), that matters.

Interesting, I met landscape photographers who gave up Canon because they needed more DR for backlit scenes. You are saying that pros doing child photography switched to Sony and now maybe Nikon Z.

These days Canon (in the R series cameras) also have eye detect auto focus - like both Nikon and Sony.

Back when Sony had eye-AF and other brands didn't, yes, there were certainly some people (both pro and amateur) who switched for that reason.

Now, it's not so much a brand thing as a dSLR (or dSLT) vs ML consideration.

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