Who plans on going ZII?

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Re: Who plans on going ZII?

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1llusive wrote:

There is some hassle in making the change, like changing from XQD to CFE cards and readers, but that's life.

Why would you need to do that?

The camera utilises both so if you've already got some XQD cards, just use those.

No need for CFE?

Well we don't have any official specs, but the rumored specs state CF Express with no mention of XQD.

If it uses both, that would be convenient.

If the new models aren’t backwards compatible with XQD it would be a MASSIVE own goal in my opinion. I have 3 XQD cards which in total cost me about the same as my 50mm 1.8S did.

NO WAY do I need or want to swap those out at a massive loss and extra outlay on yet another new format of card and reader.

I’d stick my my original Z6 and add an end of line or used Z7. Like forever .....

That may be what i end up doing if that happens tbf

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