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Re: P950 As Birder's Tool

Avian2016 wrote:

To cut a long story short, P950 would be a capable add-on tool to my enjoyable reflex combo.

It has some serious caveats, but I will override or bypass them. One of them is that small buffer thing. I will simply use a single-shot mode and won't bother about it. Just hope Nikon will issue a firmware update.

Here are a couple of images of the Northern Wheatear (Oenanthe oenanthe) female.

Northern Wheatear female in morning sun

Northern Wheatear female looking a bit puffed-up. It was a slightly chilly during the session.

Stay healthy!

Fantastic pictures!

I think you and your P950 is doing just fine.

YES, having more "buffer" is always something we desire.

Truthfully, the P950 already have a buffer increase compared to the P900.

However, since we both have experiences with the Canon SX70 camera,

which seems to have an endless buffer, it's like being in buffer heaven.


As mentioned, cannot change the P950 hardware,

but I think if can have improvements through software,

then I think Nikon should try to do it by using software updates.


In the meantime,

as suggested by Augustin,

to try shorter bursts, that's what I usually do.


Stay safe everyone.


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