P950 As Birder's Tool

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Buffer limitation..workaround..firmware

Excellent shots Avian.

As for the buffer limitation, 2 things:

1. As for firmware , it's true its hardware limitation.

But a firmware update (don't count on one) could allow for another , better Medium burst rate. Currently I think it's set for just over 1 fps. I recall EVF freeze, too.

Firmware could allow for 3 or 4fps, with no change of hardware. It would fill quicker than the 1fps mode, but take longer to fill than H setting,

Either way, after taking a few shots, one can't zoom to recompose until camera is done unloading buffer (so 2010-15)

2. a work a round (for me) is to take 2 to 4 shots, let off the shutter and take another short burst,  if needed. Camera will allow for re focusing, but not able to zoom. You can keep doing this if subject warrants .

You'll notice it doesn't always AF as fast as your F1000 did.

My 4 to 5 year old superzooms from Panasonics were able to multitask...not these superzooms from Nikon

Still, as there is no perfect camera for everyone..it is indeed an excellent tool for wildlife, birds, small subjects or far away subjects.

Some will love the 24 to 2000mm range and use all of it as a all around camera.

Nikon was brave to come out with a lens reaching 2000mm with the original king, P900.

Even more so with the P1000 and 3000mm !

Stay healthy


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