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Re: Required space on iPad for photos library

Majeur wrote:

Thanks for the comments so far, its very helpful for me.
Yeah I do realize that i have to be careful when using the Photos Library as my main source. There are a few reasons that I am thinking about quitting with Adobe. The latest issue happened last week. I imported images from an sd card to Lightroom on the iPad. No problems thus far. The next day I opened Lightroom classic on my macbook. I could see the imported images there. But then I noticed that the total images account was quit a bit lower than the day before. About 200 images where missing. Not the images I just imported but images in different maps. Not all images in one map but a few in a lot of different maps. I do have a backup of all my images. But it took me a lot off time to find out which images, in which maps where missing. After that i decided to seriously spend time to find out, how and what the way is to move from Lightroom to another solution.
One of this solutions is moving to Photos Library which seams to be the most logical for my needs.

Yeah, in truth, I wouldn’t be relying on any cloud service for your entire backup of data. None of them have proven to be 100% reliable.

Indeed, data security/integrity is very hard to get 100%, regardless of the medium you choose (there’s always a chance of some kind of failure, whether it be network outages, bugs, change to services provided, or hardware failures).

I have seen similar issues with Photos in the past, although fortunately that was just missing images in albums (not sure what you mean by ‘maps’?), and they were still available in the main library.

So I am figuring out now what should be a good workflow.
I would like to hear if you have any tips about a good workflow or any other solution:)

I’m still kind of working on the ideal solution for the iPad, as I’m quite new to this environment.

However, I have always imported twice off my SD cards from the camera. First I import into Photos (or it could have been Lightroom, Aperture, or a n other). I have dabbled with using a temporary working folder for culling prior to importing (using FastRawViewer). I then import a second time onto a separate external hard drive, which is my archive of untouched images in a standard date based folder structure (I use the iMac to do this at the moment, but can be handled using Files on the iPad if needed). This is included in my Time Machine backup too.

I also still have my Lightroom libraries (both the old Classic one, and the Lightroom cloudy local storage) on separate hard drives.

So, overall I have plenty of redundant copies in case I screw up, or the worst happens to any services or equipment.

As I have fairly decent unlimited broadband here, I don’t actually bother culling prior to importing to Photos. I arrange the photos into a new Album, which are files in year order, named for the even with the date appended, then sorted as ‘oldest first’. It doesn’t matter if I use the iMac or the iPad, the end result is the same.

I let them sync fully to the cloud, as that improves workflow if they’re not using processor speed with the updating that’s done.

Then I do all my editing in Raw Power (up to now I am working through re-editing my collection after migrating from Lightroom, so have been using a short and sweet workflow to just get basic editing done).

If I need anything doing more than Raw Power can manage, I might use Photos to apply things like noise reduction, red-eye, spot removal etc. I haven’t started using other apps as yet, but have Pixelmator available, and might buy Affinity Photo when I feel it can serve a purpose for me.

That’s it really. Although I sometimes do some organising using my iMac as it’s just a little easier to manage, but eventually I’m intending to be iPad only.

This is of course just my take on it, there are plenty of options for how to go about this.

Andy H

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