Just Received my D500!

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Re: Just Received my D500!

Laurence. I don't think you'll regret your purchase although that shutter count is quite high. I've owned my D500 for 4 years and my shutter count is 44000. The D500 is the best camera I've owned and also the most expensive. It was a 50th birthday present. My previous camera was a D7100 and the D500 is so much better in so many ways.

As others have said the different user 1/2 and custom settings banks was a bit of a stumbling block for me initially but I also bought the Busch and Young books and they helped out with that.

The best thing for me is hardly any menu diving now - there is a button for just about everything I need. My Menu has only got a few things in it:

3D-tracking face-detection

Exposure delay mode


AF activation because I sometimes use a remote which does a half press for focus

Auto ISO sensitivity control - because I didn't realise initially you can change it with the iso button and command dial

The D500 has made my night photography so much easier than the D7100 and the shooting rate has got me some images I would never have got before as I was often waiting for the D7100 buffer to empty. The articulating screen is great in churches or when photographing close to the ground.

The only slight frustrations I have are

  • button assigments because you can't select any function you like for any button. When taking nature photographs I have the Pv button set to group focus but at other times I want it to be the default preview button. Occasionally I want bracket burst.
  • My L bracket obscures the battery compartment
  • My batteries don't last very long. Two are original Nikon ones and the 3rd is not. It makes no difference which one I use. I've never got to the bottom of this as my friend has the same camera and his seem to last a lot longer - maybe even 50% longer. Yes I've checked their age in camera and they are ok.
  • Initially I was disappointed it did not have the old 9 point dynamic focus mode my D7100 had (D500 is 25 point) but I've not really noticed it being a problem.

A few things that had me scratching my head for a while:

  1. To get the histogram and exposure meter in live view you need to press the OK button and that shows you what your exposure will be like i.e., it darkens the screen if underexposed but does not take account of a flash.
  2. Touching the screen in live view can do nothing, focus only or focus and take a photo. I somehow managed to change this to focus and take photo and it took a while to work out there is a symbol you can tap on to change it.
  3. You can only take in camera HDR if camera is set to JPEG only i.e., not when producing raw files.
  4. The white balance used for the LCD is totally separate from the WB used to take a photo.
  5. You can change the white balance by picking a spot on the LCD but only in the PRE settings.
  6. Live view. When in subject tracking use the dimpled multi-selector, you should have a white square, position focus point on object, hit multi selector and a yellow box appears and the subject is locked. To cancel press the multi selector again. NB only works in AF-S.
  7. Live view. If in AF-F and subject tracking just press in multi-selector when on subject and press again to cancel. There is no white/yellow box, just a red one when not focussed and a green one when focussed. When you lock the subject the green box jitters but keeps the focus on the subject.

The D500 is a complex bit of kit but a cracking camera once you learn all it can do.

I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

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