Required space on iPad for photos library

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Re: Required space on iPad for photos library

Thanks for the comments so far, its very helpful for me.
Yeah I do realize that i have to be careful when using the Photos Library as my main source. There are a few reasons that I am thinking about quitting with Adobe. The latest issue happened last week. I imported images from an sd card to Lightroom on the iPad. No problems thus far. The next day I opened Lightroom classic on my macbook. I could see the imported images there. But then I noticed that the total images account was quit a bit lower than the day before. About 200 images where missing. Not the images I just imported but images in different maps. Not all images in one map but a few in a lot of different maps. I do have a backup of all my images. But it took me a lot off time to find out which images, in which maps where missing. After that i decided to seriously spend time to find out, how and what the way is to move from Lightroom to another solution.
One of this solutions is moving to Photos Library which seams to be the most logical for my needs.
So I am figuring out now what should be a good workflow.
I would like to hear if you have any tips about a good workflow or any other solution:)

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