DOF- why do I only get a key-press preview?

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Re: DOF- why do I only get a key-press preview?

BigBrother70 wrote:

Hey all. New M50 owner here. I was pretty surprised to find, after a few first shoots, that the f/stop's effect on DOF wasn't being shown in the preview display. I asked on here and elsewhere and found that I could set a button to preview it, which I summarily did. But I'm still disappointed and a bit baffled by all this...

1. Why wouldn't the camera always be showing this to begin with? Exposure and focus, two obviously critical factors to a shot, are always updated to show me what I'll be getting, so why not DOF as well?

2. The camera is obviously capable of doing this. In the Scn mode, I can adjust "background blur" (I assume a hybrid setting that adjusts your f/stop while adjusting ISO, exposure adjustment, and/or shutter speed to keep exposure fixed) and the final result is permanently shown. I can then walk around, point, and shoot seeing the actual DOF level that will result. (But I don't want to use this mode as I need more control.)

Basically this all just seems... weird. DOF is quite important to the shot and yet it's A) completely hidden from view by default, B) only viewable in a temporary fashion when it is enabled, and C) deemed important enough to be solved for all these only in a beginner mode.


Thanks all!

The reason is that the apperture blades don't close until you take the picture.

I guess they don't close to allow more light to the sensor, easier autofocus and better view to the evf and lcd

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