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Re: Required space on iPad for photos library

robgendreau wrote:

Majeur wrote:

Ah this is good to know. When you view your images on the iPad pro, does it have full resolution?
I am using now Lightroom classic with the 20Gb storage option. Via smart albums, the (edited) raw images on my mac are synced to the adobe cloud. So I can view them on my iPad, however these are smart previews with a low resolution which I don't like to view at my iPad pro. Especially with macro photos you loose a lot of details.

How do you like Raw Power? I think its a great app and I do miss a few things (spot removal, watermarks, dehaze).
I am looking at Affinity now to see if this combination will meets my need.
So far, I'm getting more and more enthusiastic about the combination of Raw Power and Photos!

Photos and iCloud Photo Library do some sophisticated work to optimize storage, but they too don't just download all your raws to other devices. It can work quite well, but note you don't have the same manual control you do with Lr Classic. Indeed, Lr non-Classic is a more apt comparison, as it is like iCloud Photo Library in that it manages the storage in the background. Both try to not send originals unless you need them (in the background), and make use of caches that can grow and synch.

A good explanation is here:

As for resolution, Classic sends a smart preview that is max 2560 IIRC on the long side, which is just a hair short of the max resolution of the 12.9" iPad Pro. Not sure if Apple's are any bigger.

I’ve just been hunting through the EXIF data as I’m trying out ‘Investigator’. I’ve noticed a tag in the data on a Raw NEF file titled FullSizeRender.jpg. So I’m guessing that there are indeed full res versions used by Photos.

However, I’m not completely sure if that’s due to me editing them with Raw Power, or whether that’s the standard. Viewing the data for an unedited image shows information that it’s the full size original being used.

But as Andy noted, RAW Power is for raw and it wants the RAW file anyway. Before you commit read this carefully about the complex world of raw editing with Photos: Bottom line, be VERY careful not to edit images in Photos first.

Thanks for adding that, I should have included that detail a bit more.

Although it is relevant to editing Raws in general, and not specific to Photos.

And note that Apple's raw conversion hasn't caught up with newer cameras (and there seem to be quite a few, at least one bright spot in 2020).

I seem to remember that someone did some research on this a few years ago, and found that generally the Apple Raw updates were as frequent as others, albeit perhaps a little further behind. It’s probably not as good since they stopped support for Aperture though.

There’s plenty of messages on the Adobe forums requesting new camera and/or lens updates.

Sometimes converting to DNG can be a workaround too, although there are caveats with that.

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