Deciding between 2 models - X100F & X100V

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Re: Deciding between 2 models - X100F & X100V

I have recently purchased X100V and I think it's near perfect for me. However, If I were you, I would go with the X100F.

The X100V is my only camera (well, I have the original X100 and the X100T), I use it for everything. The biggest bag I have is a 6L sling that I rarely use, but I have the camera with me at all times, like picking up my phone, wallet and keys on the way out the door.

For you, if I understand correctly, you have a main system and want a fun, small, quality camera to bring out with you more often. Well, if your deal on the X100F is very good, go with that. I haven't used it, but it's the same lens as on the X100T, and if I had a different main system, I would not have upgraded.

The main advantages of the X100V are:

1. Better lens.

The X100 series lenses before the X100V are noticeably softer at ƒ2. The new lens is supposed to be better everywhere else too, but for me, in the real world and not pixel-peeping, it doesn't make a difference until you start going under ƒ4.

2. Weather sealing.

I took my X100T out in the light rain all the time. I've never had a problem with it. Nor with humidity or dust. But the peace of mind of using weather sealed gear is very nice.

3. Film simulations.

There's a new one - CLASSIC Neg - on the X100V and it's awesome. There are also more controls to fine-tune your own versions of the simulations that are not on the X100 cameras before it. Shouldn't matter in the slightest if you are a pure RAW shooter.

4. Tilt screen.

This is nicely implemented. It's completely flush when closed. I like it a lot, but others never use it.

6. Viewfinder.

It's larger and has better specs and the diopter had more range.

Ergonomics is a wash for me I prefer the d-pad over touch screen but many go the other way. It's a little easier to hold, but many X100 series buyers end up buying a grip for their camera no matter the model.

I have the silver model and it looks more beautiful than silver ones before. Whatever, that's nice but not worth paying for to my mind.

Advantages of the X100F are:

1. Cost.

I f cost were not a factor, I'd be shooting with a Leica Q2.

For me, as my main camera, the cost is worth it, but for you, using it as a second camera? Maybe the X100F and another lens for your main system is the way to spend that money. The X100F is a great camera and probably perfect for you want at a reasonable cost.

Good luck with your choice!


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