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Re: No, not that way!

iazybandit wrote:

So I ordered the Mcoplus grip. Great grip. The faux leather sticker was lifting at the ends. Got a replacement from Amazon and it was the same thing. Rather than returning both, I kept one of them and Amazon gave me a $10 credit. So I essentially paid just a little over $21 for it. What I did was take a heat gun to heat up the sticker/glue and put the edges back down. Once it cooled down, it seems to work. So far its been holding for 3+ days. Worse case, I'll either do the heat treatment again or just remove it completely.

Love that it has the Arca Swiss dovetail on it so I don't have to add a camera plate to it.

I have the Canon extension grip, it's nice, but, one fatal flaw, it's not weather sealed. With the grip attached water can enter the battery compartment behind the hinge in the grip extension. Oddly, there is weather sealing all around the rest of the battery door cover for the grip, but the hinge is definitely wide open and will let water in! Weird!

I would be interested if a company came up with a fully sealed grip extension.

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