R5, use only VF for shooting, LCD for Playback?

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Re: R5, use only VF for shooting, LCD for Playback?

David Carlyon wrote:

Coming from the 5DIV, one thing I'm having to adapt to is having the back display basically always on. I can't find a mode that emulates a DSLR, where you look through the viewfinder to shoot, but then playback appears only on the back display (without having the real-time display on the LCD). Is there some setting I'm missing? I can turn the back display off, but then playback happens in the VF, which I don't want when I'm shooting equine sports on a tripod, and have to be aware and ready of what's going on...

Please make this suggestion to Canon at their website (feedback link at top left):

I've sent the exact same feedback to them recently, and hopefully they will add a "DSLR experience" option with firmware if enough people suggest it.  Why something like this wasn't already implemented is beyond me.

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