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Re: M7

DrBormental wrote:

Richie S wrote:

So, I’ve ended up with both an M6 and an M7 and I like them both, but one has gotta go (probably).

I have an M6 TTL and also a Nikon FM3a (which has an AE mode). I wish M6 had it too, so my vote is M7.

That was my thinking. When I use it in other bodies I struggle to switch. The value of being able to turn it off is also huge for me. The amount of frames I’ve wasted hitting the damn shutter on the m6. Of course it arrived and I now don’t want to let the m6 go as was the self-justification for getting the m7. This I realize is a first world problem.

... and yes I know I can just not advance the film until I’m ready to shoot again, but I keep forgetting that.

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